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Woodland saved for Croxley Green!

Chris Mitchell persuaded the Parish Council to buy the woodland for resident’s use

Local residents approached councillors about the future of five acres of Long Valley Wood adjoining Woodland Chase estate, south of Harvey Road. The land had been sold by developers to a demolition and waste clearance company that later went into liquidation. Residents were concerned about what might happen to the land.

Chris investigated the history of the site and persuaded the Parish Council to carry out an assessment and to negotiate to buy the land.

A local resident said: “It’s so nice to hear that our community has been given something after years of having things taken away.”

The land is now owned by the Parish Council and will be maintained for the benefit of our whole community. The area is next to our second village green (Long Valley Wood and the Buddleia Walk). Chris will campaign to have it included as part of that village green, giving it even more protection from future development. Chris was an active member of the campaign that led to the creation of our second village green in 2007.

Chris stands next to an ancient tree with gnarled roots

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