Which sites have been put forward for development near you?

Three Rivers District Council is consulting on a new Local Plan.

It's really important that local residents, who are familiar with the potential development sites, have their say to highlight if and how a site will have a detrimental impact on the community. Some sites have already been dropped prior to consultation as they were considered to cause "particular harm to existing communities and residents’ quality of life without providing compensating benefits to the community". This shows that pressure from local residents can have an impact on the choice of sites taken forward.

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Site plan outlining potential site for development at Carpenders Park Farm
Chris Mitchell and Andrew Gallager stand outside the Red Cross Centre in Croxley Green
Chris Mitchell and Andrew Gallager at the Red Cross Centre in Croxley Green

Go Green for Croxley Green

Chris Mitchell and Andrew Gallagher have been hardworking Parish Councillors for many years and their track record makes them well placed to become the next District Councillors in Croxley Green. Chris achieved a whopping 38% of the vote in Dickinsons Ward in May 2021, only 117 votes behind the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Red Cross Centre

Three Rivers District Council have designated the Red Cross Centre as a site for future development with 6 dwellings to be built on the land. This decision will remove a vital, well-used community space, which was built using funds raised directly from Croxley Green residents.

Please sign the petition to help support Croxley Green Parish Council in their efforts to take over the Centre to ensure that it remains open for our community.

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Selfie of four campaigners hold Green calling cards
Local volunteers delivering election leaflets

Real Affordable Homes

What Three Rivers District Council say: "The Council will require affordable housing to be provided on-site for proposals with a net gain of 10 or more dwellings. All proposals for residential development will be required to comprise 45% affordable housing, regardless of the availability of grant, with a guideline tenure split of 70% social rented and 30% intermediate affordable housing."

Reality: In high profiles schemes such as the South Oxhey regeneration, just 117 of the 514 homes will be cheaper than the market rate, which is around 22%. Last year the Watford Observer revealed that just 96 houses would be classed as social homes. But 48 of these would be converted into affordable housing once the first tenancy comes to an end. This means the price for the next tenant would increase.

Reporting by the National Housing Federation stated that in 2018/2019 Three Rivers has an average house price of £582,634 and average monthly rental cost of £1,356 which is the highest out of all areas in the East of England.

The income required for an 80% mortgage is £133,173 and the average income is £36,608 demonstrating extreme unaffordability. 

People renting privately in Three Rivers are being forced to spend more than half of their monthly income on rent.

Three Rivers has a pressing need for more affordable homes, so young people are not forced to move away from the area.

The Liberal Democrat-run council is not keeping its promises. We need strong councillors and officers to stand up to developers and ensure affordable housing targets are met.

Monitoring Air Quality

Estimated air pollution deaths in Hertfordshire rose from 5.8% in 2010 to 6.05% in 2011 and it is now the worst performing area outside London (source: TRDC Air Quality Action Plan 2015 - 2020). The proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport, construction works for HS2 and an increase in road users will all have a negative impact on local air quality.

Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) air pollution monitoring in 2012 and 2013 identified that legal concentrations of nitrogen dioxide at the Sunrise residential care home at Junction 18 of the M25 in Chorleywood were exceeded. Results from 2019 identified that concentrations of nitrogen dioxide are below but very close to the air quality objectives and therefore the site will continue to be monitored. It should be noted there is currently no safe level of exposure to air pollution.

The council started testing air quality at Belfry House on Uxbridge Road in 2017 after pressure from the Green Party. The latest annual results show exceedances of nitrogen dioxide.

Monitoring of all particulate matter ceased in 2017 and therefore only modeled data is used in the council's assessments.

Scientific studies have shown that long-term exposure to air pollution may lead to an earlier onset of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as well as respiratory problems.

We will hold Three Rivers District to account to improve their Air Quality Plan and undertake competent and regular testing in our most polluted areas.

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