20 March 2018

Following our petition, we are pleased to announce a smiley face, Speed Indicator Device (SID) will be installed on Harefield Road, near to St Mary’s Primary School. It will begin facing north, catching traffic coming from Rickmansworth, but can be turned to face the other direction. Installation should be within the next two months.

"Allyssa has been asking Hertfordshire County Council for over a year to consider the speed problem on this road. I am so pleased to be supporting residents like Allyssa and getting the results needed to make the area safer." - Tom Pashby, Green Party candidate for Rickmansworth Town.

Tom Pashby near site of new speed sign

In January, we started a petition calling on Herts County Council to take action against speeding on Harefield Road. It has now been confirmed that a SID speed sign will be installed but we are still asking for further measures to tackle speeding, including:

• 20 mph limit on residential roads near to St Mary’s primary school,
• 40 mph limit on upper part of Harefield Road,
• a parallel crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

Thank you to the 255 people who signed the petition. 

At the time of writing, we are awaiting a formal response from Herts County Council. 

Read more in the Watford Observer here

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