23 May 2019

On Tuesday night (21 May 2019) at its annual meeting, Three Rivers District Council declared a climate emergency.

Three Rivers Green Party support this declaration.

A similar climate emergency motion was proposed to Hertfordshire County Council in March 2019 but was amended by the Conservative group so that it no longer declared a climate emergency.

Emma Brading, newly elected Green Party Councillor for Batchworth Community Council, said:

”There is a lot of work to be done. The climate emergency should be declared at all levels of government, allowing new policies to be formed in line with climate change targets as set by international climate scientists.

“Hertfordshire County Council now needs to follow Three Rivers District Council and the UK Parliament in making this declaration. As a Community Council, we are developing the Batchworth Neighbourhood Plan over the next two years and the Green Party will ensure there is a focus on sustainability.”

Councillor Alex Hayward, leader of the Conservative group at Three Rivers District Council, stated during her speech that pressure from the local Green Party has moved them to act.

Recent events which have highlighted the urgency of tackling the climate emergency include the non-violent, direct action undertaken recently by Extinction Rebellion which achieved unprecedented media coverage. The BBC documentaries 'Climate Change - The Facts' and ‘Our Planet’, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, revealed the devastating impact humans are having on the natural world.

Bobbie Curran, Election Agent for Three Rivers Green Party, said:

“Three Rivers Green Party would like to thank all Councillors at the Three Rivers District Council annual meeting for declaring a climate emergency.“

“We have now acknowledged this as an emergency, so we must act quickly. The Green Party are willing to work with local Councillors to bring forward scientifically proven methods of reducing carbon and protecting the environment. We urge the Council to bring forward the action plan as soon as possible.”


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