12 April 2018

Three Rivers Green Party have learnt that a local primary school intends to release 50 yellow balloons as an anniversary celebration.

Arnett Hills School, who are planning a reunion for past students over the weekend of 20th and 21st April, have an Eco Schools logo on their website.

Green Party campaigner and candidate for district council, Tom Pashby, said:

“Balloons can pose a threat to many animals. Birds and other wildlife commonly mistake them for food, which can harm or even kill them.

“I’m asking the school to consider the unintended consequences of their balloon release. We must protect our local nature reserves from litter and pollution. Let’s keep Three Rivers green.”

Asked for a comment on Twitter, Eco Schools replied saying: “We recommend planting 50 daffodils instead - every year a beautiful splash of yellow. They could be planted in the shape of '50' too.”

Another alternative to a balloon release is to create painted, stone monuments. Local initiative #RickyRocks, recently started by a local resident, has proven to be hugely popular with families. The stones can be placed in favorite spots, under trees, in gardens, along walkways. A similar initiative to the #RickyRocks rock painting workshop, with eco-friendly materials, would a fantastic anniversary event for the school.

Three Rivers Green Party are asking Arnett Hills School to consider an alternative celebration event and are urging Three Rivers District Council to join Worcester Oxford, Brighton, Plymouth and Shetland in banning balloon releases in parks and open spaces.

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