9 April 2018

Local residents have shown their dissatisfaction with the current district council by putting themselves forward as Green party candidates at the local elections on Thursday 3rd May.

In a record-breaking year for Three Rivers Green Party, 8 out of the 13 seats up for election on 3rd May are being contested by residents demanding a more socially, environmentally and economically just local community.

Local Green campaigner, Tom Pashby, said:

“I’m standing because I want to work with local people to deliver clean air we can breathe, affordable housing and safer roads for everyone.

“The Council have failed to address illegal level of air pollution and our traffic, parking and infrastructure crisis. Bickering between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives is putting them off politics. Lifelong voters for the other parties have said to me they are disillusioned and have pledged their support this time to a genuine alternative - a hard-working, Green Councillor .”

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“The Green Party wants to see a Green on every council to build a better Britain from the bottom up. In these local elections people have the choice to add one more Labour or Tory councillor to already complacent councils - or choose a Green who can change everything. From ensuring everyone has a safe, secure and affordable home to cleaning up our air and tackling plastic waste, Greens are never afraid to speak truth to power.

“Greens will always be a bold, brave voice standing up for local communities and challenging the status quo. One Green has the power to transform a community.”

Three Rivers Green Party have been working hard all year round to engage with residents, hear their concerns and take action. This has included reporting potholes and overgrown bushes, pressuring the council into testing air quality and releasing figures, accounting for the destruction of trees and listening to residents regarding their concerns on the controversial parking charges in the town centre.


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