26 January 2018

Three Rivers Green Party is calling on Hertfordshire County Council to tackle dangerous driving on Harefield Road by introducing a 20mph speed limit, installing a pedestrian crossing and smart speed signs to warn motorists if they drive too fast.

Residents have raised concerns about speeding traffic on the stretch of Harefield Road in Rickmansworth between Tesco and Woodcock Hill Cemetery which passes St Mary’s Primary School. Drivers regularly speed both up and down the hill and often get into difficulty on the bend and summit. Mopeds are known to race along this stretch of road, presenting a danger to the residents and to themselves. Many children walk to school and residents use the narrow pavement to walk to shops, the aquadrome and bus stops.

Green Party activist, Tom Pashby, said:

“The Green Party are committed to supporting local residents who want to create a safer and more sustainable community.  

"Taking into account the increasing pressure on our roads, and the serious public health issue of air pollution caused by vehicles, the council should be considering new traffic management measures that are pedestrian friendly and which keep all road users safe.”

You can sign the Green Party’s e-petition online here: https://cmis.hertfordshire.gov.uk/hertfordshire/Petitions/tabid/140/ID/200/Traffic-calming-measures-to-Harefield-Road-and-surrounding-areas-near-to-St-Mary-s-Primary-School-Rickmansworth.aspx

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