4 May 2017

 Congratulations to Paul De Hoest for becoming the Green Party candidate for the parliamentary constituency of South West Herts.

Thank you to nominee, Tom Pashby, for a great debate at the selection meeting


Greens are not always what you might expect. Paul is a city guy with a track record in managing financial risk.

"I want passionately to do everything I can to preserve our natural habitat for future generations, reintroduce the humanity into our economics and restore a compassionate attitude towards others. I believe in a democratic political process and will fight to reform our democracy. The national priorities are to ensure that we take urgent action on the climate and environment whilst fixing the broken, unequal, economic system.  The final decision on Brexit must lie with the people, not the Prime Minister. In South West Herts we need: greener and cheaper public transport (including bringing railways back into common ownership and restoring adequate local bus routes); investment in our youth by restoring adequate resourcing in our schools; restoration of the NHS – reversing privatisation and improving wider social/community care services; revitalisation of local democracy and economies." - Paul De Hoest


We have just 7 DAYS to raise a deposit to enable Paul to be able to stand for the Green Party.

For every vote we get at the General Election we get money from Parliament as an opposition party. This will enable Caroline Lucas and our other MP's to hire more staff and be a stronger voice in Westminster.


Please donate to the crowdfunder and get Paul on the ballot paper: DONATE TO OUR ELECTION FUND HERE


South West Hertfordshire candidate Paul De Hoest (centre left), and Hemel Hempstead candidate Sherief Hassan (centre right)



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