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Sycamore Road appeal dismissed!

Great news! The Sycamore Road development appeal has been dismissed.
I congratulate all the residents for putting in so many objections. The Chair of the Management Association for the flats worked really hard as we did on the Parish Council. Overall this made the TRDC planning committee take notice. The Neighbourhood Plan was very important in highlighting this piece of land for the character it gives to the area and value for residents. The Inspector took these issues on board and made the right decision.
However, this site is still in the draft Local Plan for development. We need to make sure the Lib Dem-run council take the site out. We suggest that local people apply for village green status, as we did with Buddleia Walk some years ago. This will protect that land for the long term. We, along with the Residents Association, can help.
Again well done to residents in that area. It is you who saved that land from a terrible development!
Cllr Chris Mitchell
Croxley Green Parish Council

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